[VIDEO] Denver Broncos Derek Wolfe Captured In Nightclub Brawl


Here we go yet, again..

First it was LeSean McCoy in a Philadelphia nightclub earlier this year, and now Denver Broncos star DE Derek Wolfe was filmed on video involved in a nightclub brawl. In the video, you can see Wolfe in which looks like a snapchat post talking with a bystander, then as the brawl is taking place, Wolfe throws a punch.

According to TMZ Sports,

The video shows Wolfe in a black shirt with a chain around his neck, and at 6’5″, 285 pounds he dwarfed everyone around him inside VIE Nightclub on Saturday night.

Witnesses tell TMZ,

Witnesses say a guy was talking trash to Wolfe and his friends. Derek got hit in the face with a glass bottle, and left the club bloodied. 

TMZ reports that police were not called to the scene for the brawl. The Denver Police will not investigate the incident unless someone files a complaint or some kind of evidence is presented, according to the Denver Post.

Broncos Vice President of PR says,

“Derek contacted us about the incident Monday, and it’s being handled internally.”

Broncos Wolfe signed a four-year, $36.7 million dollar contract in January, and was suspended for the first four games of the 2015 season for violating the NFL’s performance enhancing drug policy. The NFL has to put their foot down on issues like this. Let me play devil’s advocate and say someone in the club that night or even the night McCoy was in a brawl happened to bring a gun inside? McCoy and/or Wolfe could have put their life as well as other lives in danger that night.

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