[VIDEO] Fans Pours Drink On Lakers Fan Who Protested During Anthem

The protesters of social and racial injustice all around the nation have expressed their first amendment right by kneeling  during our nation’s national anthem. Although, many may feel the protests are disrespectful to our flag and military troops. So much, out President of the United States calls those that protest, “Sons of B*tches!”

During the pre-game ceremony of a preseason Lakers game, a Lakers fan choose to protest during the anthem. A angry fan, who disagreed to the Fans protest, decided to take white power action. In a video, the angry fan states before assaulting a man, “This is for the anthem!” 


According to report,

These two ladies go by the names of Savannah Sugg and Haley Perea.

Twitter reacts:

The acts by the women in the video do not respect American proud. The acts are by two spoiled girls ignorant of opening their minds about the real America that they may not be expose to. Hopefully, the two women will be caught and brought to justice.

Photo cred: AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

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