[VIDEO] Los Angeles Lakers’ D’Angelo Russell Address Controversial Video

A video of a conversation between Lakers rookie D’Angelo Russell and guard Nick Young went viral as the pair discuss off the court topics of groupie tales. According to Inside The Lakers, Russell and Young have had private discussions regarding the incident.

imageRussell says,

“Nope. Nothing to talk about,”  as he went through routines alone during the Lakers shoot around at the Lakers’ practice facility at El Segundo.

More question about the video maybe addressed during the Lakers match-up against the Miami Heat Wednesday evening in Los Angeles.

As far as the Lakers head coach Byron Scott, he says,

“The only thing I’m disappointed about is it got out,” Scott said. “We’re a family and we try to keep everything in house. That’s the only thing I’m disappointed.”

“It’s an internal problem and we’ll handle it in house,” Scott said. “If you want to ask me about the Miami game we’re playing tonight, you can ask me. If not, this interview is basically over.”

 A lot of talk is moving in the direction of a Russell trad. That could be a possibility, but the Lakers really like the rookie from Ohio State. Russell, 20,  still has so much to learn but he is still young, we have to remember that. We all make mistakes as we grow into adulthood. Russell is an up and coming talented young point guard that will take this as a stepping stone and know that players keep this kind of talk behind close doors and off the GRAM.

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