[VIDEO] Who Should Get The Starting Position For The Dallas Cowboys QB, Dak Prescott or Tony Romo?

The vet vs. The Rookie. The young buck vs. the old guy with the bad back. Experience vs. a new beginning. The Dallas Cowboys have a tough and very important decision to make as far as the starting position for their QB. As a Dallas Cowboy, “America’s Team,” do you continue to believe in Romo, a 4-time Pro Bowler, who has only accomplished two postseason victories in his career as a Cowboy, or stand behind the young Rookie that has motivated a new culture in Dallas?

Romo, 36, suffered yet another back injury during preseason this year and has been sidelined since. In the time being, Cowboys Rookie, a fouth round pick from Mississippi State, Prescott, has been very impressive in Romo’s absents. During the Cowboys Week 6 match-up against the Green Bay Packers at¬†Lambeau, the Rookie finished 18-27, with nearly 250 YDS, and 3 TDs. Not to mention leading the Cowboys to victory at Lambeau 30-16. With Prescott, the Cowboys have won five game in a row with their next match up in Dallas October 30, against the Philadelphia Eagles. Who will get the start?

Cowboys owner and GM, Jerry Jones says,

“I think we’ll look and see how we do,” Jones responded. “It is two weeks away, and Tony is getting better. I was talking to a guy that was catching his balls and he pulled his shirt up and showed me his bruises on his ribs. [Romo’s] throwing with some velocity out here. I’d hate to end up here with two winning quarterbacks and a tough decision as to who’s going to win the game.”

“I think what we do is enjoy how we’re seeing Dak progress, and have comfort in the fact that every time Romo throws a football, it’s got more velocity on it.”

Former Cowboys QB and Super Bowl Champion, Troy Aikman speaks on who should get the starting position for the Cowboys in recent interview.

Aikman says,

To get the momentum and confidence that this team is currently playing with is hard to do. Why they would risk disrupting the momentum that they have is beyond me, and I don’t think that they will,” Aikman said. “Every test that [Prescott has] been given he has passed with flying colors, and I can’t imagine him not being the guy. I don’t know how you sell that to the rest of the club when you’re playing the way that they are.

Throughout his success as the starting QB this season, Prescott has given all the right answers in question to Romo. Prescott says,¬†“This is Tony’s team,” Prescott said, “and I’m just here to help my team win each and every game that I can.”

My point to make is, Dallas has a spark on their team that hasn’t been seen in many seasons, years, and decades. It’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Dak Prescott. The Rookie has changed the culture of the Cowboys and giving fans hope and a new found belief. So why not continue to allow the Rookie to lead this team to victory as he has done. Of course Jerry Jones, the unpredictable owner could try something different and continue to back his QB, Romo but is it worth it to risk another injury and potentially end Romo’s career? Think the best decision is to allow Romo to mentor Prescott from the sidelines and continue to keep the hope alive in Dallas and keep the dream alive for a new day for “America’s Team.”

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