Vivica A. Fox Sued By Former Male Revue Business Partner, Accused Of Stealing 4 Strippers

Vivica A. Fox is being accused of being a ‘stripper poacher’ in a new lawsuit from a former business partner. According to TMZ, Jean-Claude LaMarre alleges that Vivica damaged his brand by bad mouthing his ‘Black Magic’ male revue show and recruiting four of his dancers.

via TMZ:

“Jean-Claude LaMarre says his partnership with Vivica went south when she went on ‘The Breakfast Club’ and said the ‘Black Magic’ guys don’t strip for gay men. The LGBTQ community blasted her, and LaMarre says Vivica got pissed at him when he distanced himself from her … during a ‘TMZ Live’ appearance.

According to docs, Vivica started plotting to start her own male revue — recruiting 4 ‘Black Magic’ dancers — and bad mouthing LaMarre to sway them to join her team.

In the suit, LaMarre says Vivica actively tried to torpedo promotions for his show by calling it a ‘fake,’ and telling her fans to avoid ‘Black Magic’ like the plague.”

Despite the lawsuit, LaMarre is still using Vivica’s celebrity and name in his promotions. Vivid turned to Twitter to address the issue and to finally set the record straight. According to Viv, she’s no longer associated with Black Magic in any way.

In light of Vivica’s FACTS, this LaMarre character sounds a lil sketch! How do you sue someone and continue to use their celebrity for promotions? How, Sway?


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