Von Miller Sex Tape Partner Gives Her Side of the Story, Claims She’s Not After Money

NFL superstar linebacker Von Miller has recently been in the news regarding a sex tape scandal with a social media personality.

Miller and his legal team claimed that a woman named Elizabeth Ruiz threatened to release footage which captured  their sexual escapades during a shared vacation in Cancun. Miller claimed that Ruiz was trying extort him out of $2.5 million dollars in exchange for the footage.  

In these type of situations, there’s his side, her side, and truth. While we may never definitively know what the actual truth is, we’ll have to give both sides the benefit of the doubt.

Ruiz spoke her truth on the situation with TMZ Sports stating that Miller’s claims are completely untrue. She says that she never intended on using the tape to extort money out of him. In fact, she claims the idea to record their sexual activity was Von Miller’s idea, with both individuals using their phones to record themselves.  

She also told TMZ the only reason why she decided to keep her portion of sex tape is because she enjoys pleasuring herself to it.

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