Waka Flaka Says That Gucci Mane Is Not To Be Credited For His Career

Waka Flaka is setting the record straight when it comes to crediting his career to Gucci Mane. The Atlanta rapper says that Gucci Mane is not the driving reason behind his music success.

“My fans deserve for me to elaborate on why I went so hard at the person that ‘started my career,'” he told TMZ. “To make the record straight, my mother started my career. My mother started Gucci’s career. My mother started Nicki’s career, [OJ Da] Juiceman’s career, French Montana’s career. Lex Luger as a producer. She molded us all.”

Waka even released a diss track aimed at Gucci, ‘Was My Dawg’.

“Always yelling Brick Squad, always talking fam first,” Waka rapped. “When your ass got locked up, you turned on the fam first/Always taking fucking credit, never put in no work.”


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