WATCH: Minnesota Police Arrest Black Man For Walking On The Road

Another instance of a police-involved incident was captured on video footage and has since gone viral.

Officer Olson
Officer Tom Olson

Video of a young black man in Edina, Minnesota being arrested by a white police officer has stirred up outrage and criticism. Larine Thomas was arrested by officer Tom Olson for walking in the street in order to get around construction  on a sidewalk in a suburban neighborhood.

The footage of the incident, shot by Janet Rowles, shows Thomas being hassled by  Olson who manhandled him by the jacket. Thomas exclaimed that he was just trying to walk by because there wasn’t any sidewalk for him to walk on due to the construction. Understandably, Larine Thomas soon became frustrated and irate as Officer Olson was attempting to drag him to his patrol vehicle in order to arrest him.



He was heard by many witnesses including Rowles shouting, “I’m on the damn white! You can’t just put your hands on me like that!” Ironically enough, it appears that Rowles, the witness, was the only one trying to de-escalate the situation stating that Larine did nothing wrong.

The Minnesota NAACP has asked for the police officer to apologize and to be suspended without pay.

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