When A Woman’s Fed Up: Plane Forced to Make Emergency Landing After Wife Finds Out About Husband’s Affair Mid-Flight

One man let the fingerprint scan on his iPhone get him caught up. 

Via New York Daily News:

According to India’s Hindustan Times, the Iranian woman was traveling with her husband and child on a Qatar Airways flight from Doha, Qatar to Indonesia on Sunday when she discovered that her husband was cheating.

The outlet reports that as the husband was sleeping, his wife used his hand to unlock his fingerprint-protected cell phone. As she was going through it, the woman reportedly discovered her husband was being unfaithful.

She then started hitting her husband. Crew members on the flight tried to calm the situation down, but when they couldn’t get the woman to stop attacking her spouse the pilot decided to land in Chennai, India. Times of India reported that alcohol played a factor in the midflight brawl.

Officials said the family was kicked off the plane, and the flight continued on to Bali.

“The family spent the day at Chennai airport and was sent to Kuala Lumpur by a Batik Air flight,” the official said. “No police action was taken.”

I can’t even lie, I probably would’ve done the same thing she did. What would you do?

Photo Credit: Michael  Probst/AP

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