White Man Who Attempted To Rob A Bank In BLACK FACE Arrested After Two Months On The Run

Back in August, a white man in California decided to rob a bank and apparently celebrate Halloween early as he proceeded to swipe some funds in BLACK FACE. Not that I would ever encourage anyone to dress in black face for any reason at all, but sheesh .. could it at least have been Halloween <rolls eyes>.

A search warrant was obtained on Wednesday to search the Lake Elsinore, California, home of Jarred Schmittle, who has since then been arrested for attempted robbery.

Deputies from the Lake Elsinore sheriff’s station were called to a Wells Fargo in Corona, California, after a silent alarm was triggered, according to a statement.

A white man with ‘with obvious dark make-up to disguise his appearance’ gave the bank teller a note demanding money, according to a statement.

But the man soon gave up the pursuit, leaving the bank and evading FBI in Los Angeles who sent out a tweet asking for any assistance. 

It is believed that Schmittle, 40, tried to rob the bank in Corona on August 18 donning a dark blue beanie and a burnt grey jacket.

New evidence found on the scene and released on November 1 led to the detainment of Schmittle.

Schmittle was booked in the Cois Byrd Detention Center.

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