Whoopi Goldberg Slams Activist DeRay McKesson For His ‘Planet of the Apes’ Racist Claims

In case you missed it, Black Lives Matter activist DeRay MckEsson recently accused the new film ‘The War of the Planet to the Apes’ of being racist on Twitter in now-deleted tweets. McKesson claimed the film’s use an ape in a blue vest was used to mock him.

“In associating black people w/apes, active work is being done to perpetuate the dehumanization of black ppl in mass media,” McKesson tweeted. He continued, “Given the history of rendering black people as apes, I’m offended & appalled by the lack of consciousness in Hollywood.”

Talk-show host Whoopi Goldberg took to ‘The View’ to slam the activist’s claims, explaining that the original 1968 film had apes with blue vests. “DeRay, you need to go back and watch the 1968 original and check out what the apes were wearing. This has nothing to do with you,” said Whoopi. She continued,“Get over yourself!” 

Original ‘Planet of the Apes’ film

In response to Whoopi’s comments on television, McKesson called out the talkshow host on Twitter. 

Ironically, he also provided an explanation that his tweets were brought on from ‘Hollywood’ people who expressed concern about the imagery. He also announced his deletion of his tweets after learning the origin of the character in the blue vest.

Looks like McKesson didn’t do his proper research and pulled the race card too quick on this one. 

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