Why The #RelationshipGoals Mentality Is Toxic


Social Media is filled with pictures of cute quotes and couples tagged with “relationship goals”. Most people look at these tags and wish for the perfection that is captured in that moment, when in reality nothing is perfect. The point of the tag is to sum up an entire relationship in one snapshot.relationship goals

Some questions should come to mind along with those envious feelings:

Who took the picture? Was it staged? What took place before the picture? Is this moment of happiness to be compared to my whole love life?

#RealationshipGoals is literally a snapshot of some happy couple, in that moment in time. All relationships are messy and ┬ácomplicated, and there is no formula for the perfect relationship. Don’t take one person’s moment, and compare it to your whole love life.

Matching Jordans doesn’t promise relationship longevity any more than the 2 carats diamond would promise happiness. Make sure when considering goals to strive for in a relationship they are conducive to a HEALTHY relationship: trust, communication, happiness, honesty.

When it comes to actual goals in a relationship, instead of being envious, be like this twitter use and make up your own.

Relationship goals


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