Wife Hires Hitman To Kill Husband So She Could Collect Life Insurance; Finds Out His Ex-Wife Was Still The Beneficiary

Uloma Curry-Walker, 45, is looking at life in prison without the possibility of parole for the 2013 killing of her husband. Newlyweds Uloma Curry-Walker and William Walker were only married for four months when she solicited  the killing of her fire fighter husband. She was found guilty of aggravated murder this past Friday in court. It took the jurors only two hours to deliberate and come back with a verdict.

What was the motivation you may ask? Money. According to prosecutors, Curry-Walker was nearing financial ruin after racking up tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Her husband, William Walker, happened to have had a life insurance policy worth $100K. Her plan was to have him killed so she could collect the insurance pay out. However this plan was doomed from the beginning because the gag is…she wasn’t even the beneficiary of his policy, his ex-wife was. The wife thought this was a well thought out plan with no way of it being linked back to her. Come to find out during the police investigation, the husband had not yet changed the beneficiary on the insurance policy from his ex-wife’s name to Curry-Walker’s. So when he was killed, it was the ex-wife who received the money.

Curry-Walker instructed her then-17-year-old daughter and the daughter’s boyfriend to hire a hitman to kill her husband. Court testimony showed that Curry-Walker gave the boyfriend, Chad Padgett, a $1,000 down payment to carry out the slaying. Padgett then gave the task to his cousin, Chris Hein. The cousin ended up failing in his attempt to kill Walker. Padgett  then turned to a man named Ryan Dorty to carry out the killing. Prosecutors said Dorty ambushed Walker and shot him four times as he returned home from getting fast food Curry-Walker had requested. 

The daughter, Padgett, Hein and Dorty testified against Curry-Walker at trial as part of a plea deal for their roles in the murder conspiracy. 

Hein agreed to a sentence of 18 years to life; Padgett 28 years to life; and Dorty 23 years to life. 



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