Wife of Antonio Cromartie Says Cornerback Was Cut From Colts For Protesting National Anthem

Earlier this month, 4-time NFL Pro Bowler, and yes, the player with 10 kids, Antonio Cromartie, was released from the Indianpolis Colts. Cromartie’s wife,¬†Terricka Cromartie, took to social media to express her thoughts on why her Husband, a first round ’06 draft pick, was released from the Colts.

According to ESPN,

Terricka Cromartie wrote an Instagram post after seeing comments from Colts owner Jim Irsay saying football stadiums are the “wrong venue” for players to be kneeling during the national anthem to show their displeasure in police brutality and racial oppression. The post was later taken down, but it stated what she thinks the attitude of the team toward players.

Colts owner continued his views on the protest of the anthem by saying this week,

“It hasn’t been a positive thing,” Irsay told reporters. “What we all have to be aware of as players, owners, PR people, equipment managers, is when the lights go on we are entertainment. We are being paid to put on a show. There are other places to express yourself.”

Terricka’s post stated,

“You are Nothing More than an Entertainer. Just Shut and do what we say. You have No rights as along as you are working for me. There are other places for you to fight and stand for what you believe.”

“One things for sure I know my husband was told Not to take a Knee and he went with his heart and he took one. And that cost him his Job.. and Clearly this Statement backs that up. Just a Paid To put on a show.”

The former Colt, Cromartie also took to social media not to express his thoughts on his Irsay’s comments on his protest.

Antonio says,

They say it's not the right place or venue to do what is right and stand for what is right. I guarantee that most of the people that's sending me hate messages don't even know the top 2 members that are leading in this country in homelessness. Well let me educate you. #1 Veterans #2 Children. But you guys care so much about the people that fought for this country. It's crazy while I was Indiana I had a chance to talk to some veterans that didn't have a problem with me taking a knee. Because they understood my reason behind it. I thank them my grandfather and my friends for their support who also served this country. Some of y'all I have to sit back and pray for, Because right now with everything that's going on in this country and with these two idiots making the presidential debate a reality show and a joke and it's sad. I pray that we make a change for the better. It starts by being honest with yourself, also by not being blind with what's going on in our communities and our country. I've played this game for 11 years and I am grateful for the opportunity the lord and the @chargers gave me back in 2006. #BeAboutChange #teamcromartie

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To be very clear, Cromartie, who once was one of the top cornerbacks in the NFL at one point in time hasn’t played up to the par in his time in Indy. Although, he was one of the only Colts player to make his protest known by taking a knee during the celebration. In Week4, Cromartie play again the Jacksonville Jaguars so bad, the only win the Jags have won this season, he was benched and did not return to the game.

To conclude, we could say that his protest could’ve been the main reason that he was released but Cromartie has to admit that his play hasn’t his best over the years.

Photo cred: AP/Paul J. Bereswill

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