Will & Jada Smith Did Not Give Tyrese $5 Million According Recent Reports

Tyrese Gibson has been dealing with a custody battle with his ex-wife Norma Gibson over their 10-year-old daughter, Shayla. Tyrese has been using his social media to express his feelings about the court dealings, including how his celebrity friends have not been there to support him.

This week, Tyrese posted in a now deleted Instagram post that his friends, Will & Jada Smith lent him money to help him stay “afloat” as he deals with his family drama.

“When we show UP for each other, there’s nothing that can’t be done! …Jada Pinkett-Smith and my brother Will Smith just sent us 5 million to help keep us afloat. You guys asked my to get off and stay off the internet now that my daughter’s legal fees will be paid!”

“Just know that God is the greatest,” he wrote in another post. “They don’t want any love….. They told me to go easy…. just know that it’s just good to know there’s still some really nice sincere people out here…… Jada-Pinkett-Smith and my hero WILL SMITH….. Not only does your heart beat for Shayla…… it beats for the world……. We love and appreciate you more thank you could ever know…”

However, sources closest to The Smiths denies that the couple gave the Fast & Furious star any financial help, according to TMZ.

In a more recent share, the actor says that just today (November 8th) he was told by the courts that he can no longer post about his daughter. We’ll see if Tyrese can follow the court rules and not give any updates about his young Shayla. 

Everything will be #1 today!!! Shout to MEEK ! see your bro and praying for you 1,000% You are just seeing this – the allegations being dropped was revealed to me 3 weeks ago …. ! just got a new court order TODAY that says ! can’t post about my #daughter anymore so this is NOT about my daughter this is about what God blessed me and my family with…… ! need to get to some water to clear my head 77 days without my baby is starting to fuck with me in a real way….. Something that only real fathers and involved parents could relate to….. Go to my FaceBook.com/TYRESE right now…… Watch FULL VIDEO and read the WHOLE CAPTION and please support 3 links ! just decided to start a fund to HELP FATHERS who unlike me don’t have money or resources whatsoever – Support and ! will Support You – You ready?? FaceBook.com/TYRESE go there now please real fathers are depending on us to be the Voice that they will never have….. Ask around ! am in LOVE with the Lord JESUS CHRIST who sent me and angel named Samantha Lee Gibson who I’m MADLY in LOVE WITH…. ! don’t drink, smoke or do drugs and other than our new child…. Shayla is and was my first and only pregnancy – 77 days no contact? ….. ! Guess they didn’t know ! had this level of a VOICE to protect myself…… God is the greatest he will always get ALL the credit for the mountains he has and has already moved….. Monday is hopefully our last day in court… For those of you who made this all into a comedy skit for attention, you’ve heard the saying GOD DONT LIKE UGLY right? ….. Welp! www.Facebook.com/TYRESE go there now please support guys…. please thank you…. ps…. this is not about women vs men… this is about fathers vs LIARS hit my FaceBook link in my Instagram bio now!! Romans. 8:31. What then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? The good word says VICTORY IS MINE!!

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