Woman In Argentina Sentenced Life In Prison For Stabbing Her Sugar-Daddy To Death

An Argentinian woman has been sentenced to life in prison for tying up her rich sugardaddy during a sex game right before she stabbed him to death and ran off with his coins.

Paula Romano, 34, stabbed her boyfriend Julio Cesar Vittoria, 62, 24 times while he was naked and tied up in July 2014. Ramano stole $20,000 from the ice cream shop owner before fleeing the scene in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Vittoria’s body was discovered at a property in the neighbourhood of Flores, in the capital city of Buenos Aires. Romano was eventually caught by police after a 15-month police investigation, and has now been sentenced to life in prison.

Prosecutor Carlos Gimenez Bauer stated: ‘Romano started a sex game in which the man was naked and had his hands tied with a rope around his neck.

‘Once he was like this, she stabbed him 24 times and stole the money. She left the place and ran away.’

Vittoria’s (pictured left and right) body was discovered at a property in the neighborhood of Flores, in Buenos Aires. On the day of the murder, in July 2014, Romano texted her boyfriend saying she was going to tie him up and that he should be ready for ‘a party’

During trial, Romano told the court: ‘I loved Julio, I do not understand what happened.’ Hmm, but somehow she was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of murder after the court heard she took advantage of the ‘trust’ that Julio had in her.

Crime scene doctors confirmed that the silk ties were not tight enough to completely limit the victim’s movements – leading investigators to believe that Vittoria entered willingly into a sexual game with someone he trusted, who then took advantage of his vulnerable position.

Court witnesses claim that Romano was ‘addicted to sex’ and in her hospital records she had been diagnosed with a sex-related behaviour disorder. Doctors said as well as experiencing rage attacks, she had an uncontrollable impulse to be unfaithful and sometimes experienced ‘disgust’ and ‘rejection’ when having sex. 

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