Yikes! Carmen Electra Files For Restraining Order Against Stalker Who’s Convinced They’re Engaged

Restraining orders are a dime a dozen in Hollywood nowadays, as Carmen Electra becomes one of the latest celebrities to file. However, in her case, it may be completely necessary. 

Sources at TMZ say the actress was reportedly given a temporary protective order against crazed fan Daniel Lablanc back in June.

Documents revealed the stalker, who was reportedly posted in a vehicle outside of the star’s home,  is convinced he’s engaged to marry Electra. 

After the former Baywatch star notified authorities, Lablanc was taken into custody by the Los Angeles Police Department for mental screening following the incident. 

The 45-year-old will now be forced to file for permanent protection as the initial order will expire on July 7.

Electra is allegedly requesting the court to force the stalker to stay at least 100 yards distance away from her with the order, according to TMZ.


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