You may ‘Cash’ Danielle Bregoli On Her Own TV Show

Danielle Bregoli or the ‘Cash Me Outside’ girl, if you will, will possibly be making her Reality TV debut. Reports from TMZ indicate that the angry 13-year-old has been contacted by several production companies offering her own Reality TV series.


Danielle’s managers tell us they’ve been contacted by 7 production companies and are scheduling meetings for this week. We’re told 4 of the companies are interested in doing a reality show with Danielle and her mom.

The managers say 3 of the production companies are interested in formatted — or scripted — series. Yes, she’d have to memorize lines. We’re told these are not guest spots … it’s about a TV series.


Since her Dr. Phil interview, Bregolli has kept up her momentum. She’s called out Dr. Phil for being “nothing before her.” She’s said she’ll “whoop every Kardashian that there is.” She’s starred in her own music video  and now she might even have her own TV show. 

Let me get on TV and act a fool so I can get my own show. Sheesh.

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  1. Enjoy the ride. Hopeing that something very very positive will come from this experience for the child and her mom.

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